Dream - 05.07.12

I had a dream that I was in a class taught by a husband and wife. The classroom looked like something out of Hogwarts from Harry Potter, it was very gothic cathedral-esque and had very low lighting. The wife was jealous about something that had to do with her husband cheating on her (or something along those lines), and devised a plan to kill everyone enrolled in the class. She made it so that the final exam consisted of giving us Ether as an asphyxiate to induce our death.

Somehow, I knew that this was the case while the rest of the class was completely oblivious. At the time of the exam, the husband passed around small, dark green cloths that had been soaked in the Ether. He handed one to me, and I knew exactly what he was handing me, yet I continued to hold it up to my nose and mouth anyways, as the professors instructed. I didn’t pass out right away, and neither did anyone else in the class.. but I had a feeling that something was still happening inside of me as a result of what I just inhaled.

Suddenly, a tank of chemicals in the back of the classroom ignited and the entire building caught on fire…yet, again, no one in the class seemed to be aware of this except for me and maybe two of my friends. I told them that the best way to escape without being caught by the professors would be to jump out the window- even though we were about 20 or 30 stories up from the ground. Still, we decided to jump, and somehow all of us had full control over where and when we wanted to land. 

As soon as we hit the ground, the professors noticed we had escaped and immediately began evacuating the rest of the class to ground level. Then they started to chase after us, since we now imposed a threat to their scheme of killing everyone. We ran through an abandoned carnival ground that other students at the university passed through to get to their classes around campus. The campus now looked like a modern university campus, no more Hogwarts!

I could sense the male professor getting closer to me as I ran, and I suddenly remembered that I had asphyxiated myself with Ether earlier. As soon as I began wondering why I hadn’t died or collapsed yet, I began feeling weaker and weaker. I told myself that if i’d lasted this long already, perhaps it was something I could resist with the “mind over matter” mantra. I told myself to continue running, that I was fast and strong…. but the harder I concentrated on telling myself these things, the weaker I became. 

Eventually, I passed out on a grassy hill where several oblivious students from other classes stood congregating with each other. My friends were surrounding me, but my eyes flickered shut.

Then I woke up.

Why is it in dreams when we know something bad is going to happen to us, we don’t avoid it?

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Saturnbones.net Update!

Slightly updated the layout/fonts on saturnbones.net. Go check it out! :) I will be adding new artwork to the site hopefully within the week.. I’ll let everyone know!

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Moderat - A New Error

<3 <3 <3

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I dont like hurting people’s feelings

I try so hard not to.

but god damn, mine are hurt all the time

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I initially found this song to be obnoxious but now I feel rather connected to it… I wish I was floating around in space.

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a new print! hah I&#8217;ll get a higher quality image of the full thing soon, after I&#8217;m done curating it.

a new print! hah I’ll get a higher quality image of the full thing soon, after I’m done curating it.

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in these things there lies a deep meaning; yet when we would express it, words suddenly fail us."

—T’ao Ch’ien 

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