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I dont like hurting people’s feelings

I try so hard not to.

but god damn, mine are hurt all the time

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I initially found this song to be obnoxious but now I feel rather connected to it… I wish I was floating around in space.

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a new print! hah I&#8217;ll get a higher quality image of the full thing soon, after I&#8217;m done curating it.

a new print! hah I’ll get a higher quality image of the full thing soon, after I’m done curating it.

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in these things there lies a deep meaning; yet when we would express it, words suddenly fail us."

—T’ao Ch’ien 

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Poems from Spirit Cooking, by Marina Abramovic (1996)

fresh morning urine
sprinkle over nightmare dreams

in time of doubt
keep a small meteorite stone
in your mouth 


to be consumed on a solar eclipse

saliva of your lover
mixed with morning dew
collected from eucalyptus leaves

mix fresh breast milk
fresh sperm milk
drink on earthquake nights

look in the mirror
for as long as it is necessary
for your face to disappear
don’t eat the light

equal pinch
black rock salt
white rock salt
liquid gold 

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bringing back really old memories with this song…. I think I used to listen to this in like, middle school….which was almost  7 or 8 years ago, now.

(via onmystereo)

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